Common Chuckwalla

Genus and Species: Sauromalus

Common chuckwallas are stout lizards with skin folds near the neck, shoulders, and stomach. They have five digits on each limb and the tail thicker near the body and rounded at the tip. Common chuckwallas come in various colours, depending on where they live, temperature, and mood. Their heads are usually darker and are dark brown to yellow. Males are slightly larger than females and males tend to be darker in colour, overall, than females or young common chuckwallas.

Native Habitat:
Common chuckwallas are found in deserts in the western United States and Mexico and 30 known islands in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fun fact:
The Chuckwallas tail is about the same length as its head and body, if a predator grabs its tail the Chuckwalla can detach it and escape.

Conservation status:
Not Endangered

Around the world:
United States, Mexico